To do right by our clients, deliver the best possible results, meet the brief and exceed expectations.

The only spin we’ll give a story is a refreshed angle and a new vigour. We tell the truth and deliver on our promise.

We treat our clients, the media, our suppliers and associates with respect and dignity.

We hold integrity most dear. We value our contacts, connections and actions. Our mission is to be successful in our work.


We are highly trained, professional and experienced in both traditional and online PR and marketing. We work with our clients to make sure our efforts are as effective as possible. As a small team of dedicated PR professionals, we take pride in excellent work. We’re focused, accountable and highly motivated to deliver the best results.


With a wealth of experience across a broad number of clients in Europe and the UK – including having been at senior and board level positions with Shandwick in London – Karey established a successful consumer PR agency in London.

She moved to South Africa in 2000 and established Wired Communications in Cape Town.  Karey prefers to be credited for her ability to strategize, conceive great ideas, motivate and deliver rather than for the years' experience.

Loves: People who make me laugh, grateful clients, caramel
Doesn’t love: Bad manners, bad grammar, beetroot and big spiders


Executive PA

Teena is Karey’s PA and doubles up as the Wired office manager too. She is efficient, pleasant and positive. Giving her best in all situations, Teena is hard-working, helpful, competent and utterly unflappable … and through all this she works smart too.

Her extensive experience has ensured that she’s been able to take to Wired like a duck to water and, with not a hint of a quack or a splash, she’s gliding effortlessly about the Wired pool and getting everything sorted out.

Loves: Nuts, Proteas, Labello and pretty things
Doesn’t love: Arrogance, roaches and people who drive in the rain with no lights


Senior Accounts Manager

Coming from a strong online media background, Tammy joined Wired a few years ago where she has really honed her PR and communication skills.

Her wit, drive and dedication to get things done are only eclipsed by her wicked sense of humour. She thinks above and beyond the brief and considers the broader implication of everything she does. As a real people person, she manages to mix her diplomacy, humour, sensitivity and creative flair with huge dollops of honesty which is both endearing and disarming and it keeps everyone on their toes.

Loves: Bath Salts, Sunday afternoon naps and a good cup of tea
Doesn’t love: Laziness, peanut butter and clowns


Senior Accounts Manager

A fun loving and funky extrovert who is bursting with energy, Elize offers a unique contribution to the team. She’s extraordinarily thorough and this combines very well with her passion for writing and communication. Add to this, a revelry in working under pressure and getting the job done plus a real thirst for knowledge and Elize’s consummate PR professionalism shines through.

She seizes every opportunity to network and embraces each moment as a new experience. Elize just loves to communicate and her ability to chat with excitement and vitality is a testimony to this.

Loves: Everything chocolate, most things leather and beautiful hands
Doesn’t love: Watery Soup, dirty toilets and nougat


Account Executive

Obtaining a degree in Film, Media and Radio Production, Meagan has come a long way in most spheres of the media industry. From on-air radio producing, to online content management, to television and magazine publishing, she understands the ins and outs of each industry.

Having joined Wired Communications in February 2015, she has now crossed over to the ‘other side’ and understands what each media industry likes, wants and needs. Meagan has the ability to remain calm under pressure, while turning briefs around at a fast pace.

Loves: Cooking, Musicals, Darts and Fawlty Towers
Doesn’t love: Parallel parking, rudeness, Cake and Confectionary and Adam Sandler


Account Executive

With a great passion for the industry, Babalwa, or Babs as she is fondly known, loves working with people. She obtained an advertising management qualification in order to pursue a career in the media industry.

She is ambitious, has a can do attitude topped by a great sense of humour. She plans to gain masses of experience with Wired. She believes in meeting deadlines and in exceeding expectations. Babalwa is truly a young rock star.

Loves: music, meeting new people, learning new things and vanilla flavoured cupcakes
Doesn’t love: People with a bad attitude, marmite and cockroaches


Project Manager

With many years of management, PR and operational experience in both London and Cape Town, Penny brings a mix of relevant skills to the event’s arena. She has a keen passion and interest in the environment, which is a driving force in growing the Cape Town Flower Show 2016; an event which celebrates our unique floral kingdom. An unceasing friendly smile, warm character and that ubiquitous English wit, Penny is a great player to have on your team.

Loves: Irony and Big Sunny Skies
Doesn’t Love: Sarcasm and Dark Rain Clouds



Our canine team members are perky and enthusiastic. While their self-importance is sometimes misplaced, they take moderately seriously their shared duties of light reception and security.

Mind you, having welcomed visitors, their favourite preoccupation is to lie under the meeting table, tummies up, ever hopeful of a pat and a tickle.

Loves: chicken, chewies, chasing squirrels and creature comforts.