Street Art in Salt River a Resounding Success

The third International Public Art Festival (IPAF 2019) that took place earlier this month, attracted more than 3000 local and international visitors to Salt River over the eight days of the festival.  This is up on last year’s figures and demonstrates the increasing appeal of street art.  The Salt River community also benefited from an increase in visitors to the area.  The Beth Uriel orphanage is home to coffee shop, Me’Kasi, which sold 40 times more cups of coffee than usual in one week.   As the takings from the café go towards school fees, 10 children will now be able to attend school this year.

IPAF organisers, BAZ-ART not only thanks the public for its support but also the media for helping to create awareness of the event.

In addition to around 90 murals and artworks in the area, IPAF 2019 featured guided and audio tours (voicemaps), which attracted nearly 200 people who were keen to learn more about the art and the meaning behind the festival’s theme of ‘Generation Next’.

The tours continue throughout the year, as the street art from the festival will remain on the Salt River walls for the 24 months, making it a year-round exhibition.  Guided tours can be booked at any time through the website and are conducted by specially trained Salt River residents.

Baz-Art supports entrepreneurs within the community by using local suppliers for catering, infrastructure, scaffolding and general materials required by the artists.  In this way, communities are uplifted and jobs are created before, during and after the festival.

Through the IPAF festival, Baz-Art gets to know the artist, their skills, style and technique and style of artwork so that they may continue to support the artist in helping to promote and offer them commission work so that they may thrive and earn a living as an artist. Baz-Art is very proud of the fact that after just one week after the start of the festival, eight of the 23 artists who participated in IPAF 2019 have already received commissions.

BAZ-ART’s founder and CEO, Alexandre Tilmans says: “We look forward to hosting the 2020 International Public Art Festival in Salt River next February, through which we can help to create more commercial opportunities and benefits for both artists and the community of Salt River alike.”