Phangela S.W.A.T Announces R240-million Expansion Programme

Phangela SWAT has announced it is making a massive pledge to help fight crime. Its self-funded R240-million expansion programme over the next three years will see the company employ and train an urban army of security professionals; establish a network of branches around the country; and use technology in order to provide the tools for protection and armed response.

Phangela plans to triple its employee count over the next three years to 13 500 people. Phangela will spend at least 10% of the R240-million in training, upskilling, and leadership development; they will spend R250 000 per month in training programmes for 60 people every month.  The company is also launching a new programme with Biz Premier to coach around 2000 staff over three years in order to harness and develop leadership skills.

A new app – RSPD (Response | Secure | Prevent | Detect) – which is a world-first for the armed response industry has also been developed by Phangela SWAT.  It is the first personal safety management portal and app in South Africa and the world.   A thoroughly secure app, the main aim is to provide users with vital information about vehicles on their way to an ‘alarm’ situation and for users to be able to call for help wherever they are (the app will pick up the whereabouts of the user via GPS).  It adds a unique layer of added services over and above the current services provided by Phangela, at no extra cost.  The app can be shared with family or friends so that tracking of armed response help may be seen as it progresses towards the scene of duress.

Phangela SWAT CEO, Charl Jacobs says that crime is getting more and more sophisticated. “In order to fight crime effectively, we need people who are not afraid of the criminals and who have the tools and might to deal with them head on.”