Baz-Art Annouces Artist Line-up for 2019

International Public Art Festival organisers, BAZ-ART, are pleased to announce the line-up of street artists who will participate in this year’s festival (in Salt River between the 9th -17th February).

IPAF 2019 will feature artists from Spain, France, Mexico and the United States alongside wave making local artists from South Africa, including AÏda Gómez [SPAIN], Zola [SA], Dbongz [SA] Wa-One [UKRAIN], Said Dokins [MEXICO] , Skubalisto [SA] , Urban Khoi [SA] Kipermillsap [USA], Mernette Swarts [SA], Aleksandro Reis [BRASIL], Dekor [SA], Maye [FRANCE], Sara Erenthal [ISRAEL], Tim Marsh [FRANCE], Ryan Allan [SA], Shinji [SA], Jono Hornby [SA], Seth Pimenthel [SA]

Topping the line-up is Waone from Ukraine who has hosted numerous solo exhibitions in Italy, Spain, USA, Netherlands, France and many more countries. He started painting in 1999 and considers his work visual storytelling usually depicting fantasy and surrealism.

From South Africa, IPAF 2019 features Dbongz who has been doing incredible works with organisations such as “Global Citizen Foundation” and the Embassy of Belgium among others.

The organisers have been overwhelmed by the volume of interested artists from home and afar and has strategically selected a culturally diverse group of artists of varied levels of experience to ensure a diverse content and a mixed group who may also learn from each other. This high energy public art festival encourages the sharing of skills and passion for the arts.

Through the festival, the organisers’ aim is to bring colour to the district of Salt River, showcasing local and international talent and bringing art to the streets so that it may be accessible to more people.

The festival acts as a launch pad for many other programmes, including art classes for children, support for spin-off businesses and other interventions aimed at upliftment through art.

BAZ-ART says the primary aim of the International Public Art Festival is to serve as a connecting agent, unifying communities, local businesses, artists and an array of different embassies under a shared mission of using art to transform lives while empowering street artists to become change agents.

Each artist is to create a culturally unique visual story that relates to the IPAF 2019 theme: GENERATION NEXT: EDUCATE, COLLABORATE, EMPOWER.

Festival visitors may experience a walk about Salt River featuring live art and over 80+ pieces of incredible murals.

In addition to memorable mural performances, BAZ-ART plans to host numerous other activities such as street art tours, spray-can workshops and educational art programmes.