A Handcrafted Masterpiece

Introducing L7.

Established in 2012, this bold and uniquely handcrafted craft-brewed beer brimming with three grains, three hops and a dash of the sensational. The illusive 7th ingredient is a secret spice they call the ‘L7 Touch’; together, these seven natural ingredients enjoy a long maturation process, resulting a full-bodied, light-amber beer.

Inspired by South Africa and made by the hands of innovative traditional Belgian brewers who are enrobed with a rich history of beer making have crafted this premium, complex yet easy drinking beer which stands apart from established premium brands and anti-establishment craft beer by projecting its own clear ‘lighthouse’ identity as a Premium Belgian Beer.

This 100% natural Belgian-style amber ale provides craft beer amateurs, and connoisseurs alike, with a perfectly balanced and easy-to-drink beer.

The experience of L7 begins with a slightly bitter, floral and fruity taste from the hops, followed by a smooth, round transition to a sweeter taste from the malts. The bitterness from the hops and the sweetness of the malts are both enriched and enhanced by the secret spice.

Some call it beer, we call it art.

Beer and Art?

Crafting a fine beer is an art form; and creativity is worth celebrating. Since 2016 L7 has proudly associated themselves with South African artists, designers, cinema producers, and the local creative culture. This is why they work with galleries, independent movie theaters, live music venues and conference centers to bring art to the public eye. Collaborations such as the International Public Art Festival (IPAF), World Art, Baz-Art and Cape Town Fringe Festival are just some of the many art collaborations that L7 is involved in.

Please be sure to visit their website for more information of the collaboration in the local art scene.

Nothing but the good stuff!

No chemicals, colorants, flavouring or preservatives are added to the beer – L7 is 100% natural. This includes the C02 in their beer; which they allow to build up naturally during their fermentation process, using similar technics as the making of champagne.

They go one step further, introducing high standards of environmental responsibility and sustainability to their production process. This includes reducing water-waste in the brewery, reusing yeast, and only using eco-friendly techniques for their bottle labels.

The beer itself is also produced using organically farmed ingredients, and is completely free of additives and chemicals; tasty and good for you – some say it is the best craft experience they have had. Once bottled, L7 has an enviable 2 year shelf life.

It’s Beer.
It’s Art.
It’s L7.

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